Summer 2015
PLS 320 – Judicial Politics – Syllabus

Fall 2016
PLS 200 – Introduction to Political Science – Teaching Evaluations

Spring 2017
PLS 201 – Introduction to Methods of Political Analysis – Teaching Evaluations

Fall 2018
PLS 320 – Judicial Politics – Syllabus
PLS 320 – Judicial Politics – Teaching Evaluations

Fall 2019
PLS 422 – The Supreme Court, the Constitution, and Institutional Powers – Syllabus

Undergraduate Mentorship

Working with undergraduate students on their own research projects is one of my favorite things about my job. Since late 2017, I have worked closely with several research assistants to help them turn their data collection assignments into individualized research projects. Below are pictures of some of those students with their research presentations, which focused on attorneys and success at the Supreme Court.

Gender and Winning at the Supreme Court
A team of undergraduate students present their work on female attorneys and their success at Supreme Court oral argument at Michigan State’s annual University Undergraduate Research and Arts Forum in April 2019.
Another group of undergraduate students collected information about the Supreme Court’s repeat players and one brave member of the team also presented at Michigan State University’s Undergraduate Research and Arts Forum in April 2019.